A Christian Mind is the blog of Joshua Wise, an incoming doctoral student of Systematic Theology at Catholic University of America, and recipient of the Johannes Quasten Scholarship.  Joshua has a BA in Biblical Studies from Eastern University, and received an MA in Systematic Theology from Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia in 2012.


While blogs here are rare, you can find him over at www.CrossedPurposes.com doing podcasts and reviewing popular culture.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey, I will reply to your Monday post and comment on the other when I have time later, but I was just browsing science forums when I found a link to this. Think you might like it for sake of your scientific intrigue.


    This link concerns various ideas of quantum theory and mentioned the Copenhagen interpretation which you alluded to in a post or two, it deals with trying to explain the quantum.

  2. Incredibly interesting! I was curious to know why he discounts the possibility of the wave form collapsing or not based,once again, on factors that we do not know. To say that there is no wave form collapse because we can reverse it, when we do not even know why detection removes interference is something of a leap, especially with statements like “we know for certain that the classical one universe theory is wrong.” But again, this was fascinating.

  3. Hey… uhm… yeah… where to begin…

    I guess it started with a conversation you had on xbox live. Alon Waisman… he turned me onto your discontinued podcast. I was disappointed with its disappearance, mainly because it was one of the few positive faith influences in my life at the time. I followed along for about 2-3 months before you shut it down. I hope the family is coming along nice though! And the schooling/practising!

    I just was surfing and thought I’d see if the website was still around… turns out thats gone too…

    look… long story short… any way to point me to find something… something to get that spark back. I liked your theology. It was sound. It clicked with me. It was… refreshing to the over-the-top-orthodox pk… Im just wondering if you have anything for me these days.

    Hope you have a good day. See you.

    • Jonah,

      First, thank you very much for the compliments. Second, No Avatars Allowed will be finding a new home on the web sometime soon as we look for a new less expensive hosting solution.

      But also, I’m getting a new podcast together that should be recording a test episode next week, and then releasing its first full episode the following week. I’ll put a post up on this blog when it all starts, as well as on the Cross and the Controller’s Page on Facebook. So stay tuned.

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